• Team Leads

    We've got a top notch team!

    Andrey Gubanov

    Project Manager/Electronics Lead

    Computer Engineering, 2019

    Bobby Smyth

    Chief Engineer

    Mechanical Engineering, 2017

    Eric Plevy

    Propulsion Lead

    Aerospace Engineering, 2018

    Nick Brady

    Structures Lead

    Mechanical Engineering, 2019

    Hamza Ahmad

    Productions Lead

    Mechanical Engineering, 2018

    Cole Sims

    Vehicle Analysis Lead

    Mechanical Engineering & Computer Engineering, 2020

    Jack Beach

    Software Lead

    Computer Engineering, 2019

    Matt Ritzinger

    Engineering Liaison

    Computer Engineering, 2018

    Nick Tang

    Business Lead

    Finance, 2019

  • Advisory Board

    Our university advisors help us accomplish our awesome design goals, guide us when we encounter obstacles, and give us the resources needed to make our pod a reality.

    Dr. David Goldsmith

    Assistant Professor of Practice

    Build Lab, Department of Building Construction

    Dewey Spangler

    Ware Lab Manager

    Dr. H. Pat Artis

    Professor of Practice

    AOE Advisory Board

    Dr. Robert Parker

    L.S. Randolph Professor

    Mechanical Senior Design Adviser