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    In addition to your resume, as applicable to your major (engineering/science/design), sketch a design for one of the following systems and upload it as a PDF:
    • The Hyperloop competition test-track is a mile long run of I-beam. With teams reaching speeds well above 200mph, slowing down before the end of the track becomes as much of a concern as accelerating. Design a deceleration system for the Hyperloop pod/vehicle as it travels toward the end of the I-beam.
    • Many different propulsion systems have been proposed for Hyperloop vehicles including cold gas propulsion and high voltage electrical systems. Design a unique propulsion system for a Hyperloop pod along with a basic sketch of its method of locomotion.
    • Active corrections during the course of a pod's run can significantly improve its performance. Good sensing and data allow for accurate corrections. Design an array of sensors for a Hyperloop pod that will be used during its competition run and discuss how the data from the array is used to make decisions about corrections during the run.