• About Hyperloop

    Transportation to move between cities in minutes.

  • The Concept

    Hyperloop could be the fifth form of transportation. A levitating pod traveling in a near vacuum tube will transport cargo and/or passengers. Non-contact levitation systems and near vacuum pressures will drastically reduce drag. In the full-scale model, Hyperloop pods are forecast to take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in approximately 30 minutes.


    Hyperloop propulsion will be powered by batteries and other methods that do not produce exhaust making this an environmentally friendly option. The tube will follow current infrastructure and will be powered by solar panels.

    History of Hyperloop

    1812 - The concept was first envisioned by George Medhurst. His concept involved an evacuated tube with cast iron tracks and wheels which could be used for high-speed travel.


    1956 - Robert A. Heinlein re-introduced the concept in his science fiction novel, "Double Star."


    1972 - R. M. Salter produces a white paper using similar concepts.


    2013 - Elon Musk, an avid reader of science fiction novels as well as the Co-Founder/CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and the Boring Company, introduces his own white paper in August.


    2015 - The Hyperloop at Virginia Tech team is created and starts designing and building pods to compete in SpaceX's Hyperloop Competitions.

    Design Weekend 2016

    Following the release of Elon Musk's white paper, SpaceX announced a design competition to be completed by university and professional teams focused on the design of high-speed pods to travel inside of a low-pressure tube.


    125 university design teams submitted proposals for competition at Texas A&M January 2016. Hyperloop at Virginia Tech was awarded 4th place for our design, placing us in the top 5 teams and moving us forward to the build phase of the competition!

    Competition I

    This is the first time this old concept has been investigated at this scale. Several unaffiliated companies are working to develop manufacturing and production processes commercially.


    About 30 teams competed in the first Hyperloop Pod Competition in January 2016. Hyperloop at Virginia Tech was able to achieve 4th place at the competition and the only all undergraduate team within the top four.

    Competition II

    We successfully passed the individual safety briefing, mechanical fit, and function checks, and performed a vacuum test with SpaceX officials present, leading to approval for external sub-track and open-air runs at Competition II during Summer 2017.

    Competition IV

    We are currently designing and building a new pod for the next competition scheduled for July 2019.

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