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    SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

  • Our Test Run in the SpaceX Hyperloop!

    35 MPH in Open Air

    We are one of the few teams to have the honor to run in the Hyperloop!

    The pod had the most stable run out of all the competition.

  • About Us

    We are a student led organization made up of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, engineering science & mechanics, mechanical engineering, and business students. After placing fourth in the first ever international Hyperloop Design weekend, we were selected to move forward to build our pod for competition at SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, California in January, 2017.


    After unveiling the Vhyper in September, 2016, we used the remaining months before competition to redesign, test, and finalize our preparations for competition one. During the unveiling, Virginia Tech announced the plans to build a Hyperloop external sub-track on campus early 2017. We look forward to continuing to build our team and continuing to innovate and invent the future of transportation!

    The Team

    We are a team comprised of all undergraduate students working diligently and cooperatively to design this pod. We currently have 30 undergraduates and 4 advisors.



    Design Weekend

    In January, 2016, we presented our pod design to SpaceX, talked to companies that became our sponsors and partners, and mingled with the other teams.


    It was a great opportunity to learn about the directions other teams went with their designs, and take in the incredible amount of innovation all of us Hyperloop teams created.



    Beyond Design Weekend... Onto the Build Phase!

    At the end of Design weekend, Hyperloop at Virginia Tech was awarded 4th place for our design, placing us in the top 5 teams and moving us forward to the build phase of the competition!



    The Build Phase

    The build phase lasted from February to September's Unveiling.

    During this time, we took our pod from design weekend and reinvented every part of it, ensuring every system was the best design possible.



    Preparing for Unveiling

    As we finished our first pod in early September, 2016, we prepared to unleash our pod, the Vhyper, through our unveiling September 12th. Through this unveiling, our team was able to finally show our innovation and dedication through the Vhyper we had worked all year on!

    The Road to Competition I

    After the unveiling, we moved forward with additional design, building, and extensive testing and safety procedures in preparation for Competition I.

    California here we come!




    With Competition I on the horizon, we revealed our second iteration of the pod, V-17. With some finishing touches, it'll be secured in our trailer and on it's way to Hawthorne.



  • Competition I Poster

    An outline of all of the major components that come together for the V-17 pod.

    Update from our Mechanical Team Lead!

    Check out this quick update from Emir and see a quick glance at our days in California!

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  • Team Roster

    We've got a top notch team!

    Mechanical Team

    Adi Maini

    Alex Pixler

    Bobby Smyth

    Cameron Buss

    Colin Jones

    Emir Sahmanovic

    Jason Parker

    Jay Pennington

    Max Propp

    Nicholas Brady

    Quang Vo

    Rachel Iwicki

    Shayan Malik

    Electrical and Software Team

    Brian Elliot - Lead Software/Electrical Engineer
    Keith Kreiner
    Matthew Ritzinger
    Jack Beach
    Andrey Gubanov
    Ilya Pozdneez
    Michael Severance
    Anissa Dadkhah

    Aerospace and Propulsion Team

    Keith Bahm - Lead Aero/Propulsion Engineer

    Eric Plevy
    Kaustubh Rane
    Matthew Barnes
    Joshua Fang
    William Curtis


    Business and ISE Team

    Christopher Raible
    Nick Tang

  • Advisory Board

    Our university advisors help us accomplish our awesome design goals, guide us when we encounter obstacles, and give us the resources needed to make our pod a reality.

    Dr. David Goldsmith

    Assistant Professor of Practice

    Build LAB, Department of Building Construction

    Dewey Spangler

    Ware Lab Manager

    Dr. Robert Parker

    L. S. Randolph Professor

    Mechanical Senior Design Advisor

    Dr. H. Pat Artis

    Professor Of Practice

    AOE Advisory Board

  • The Concept

    Hyperloop could be the fifth form of transportation. A levitating pod traveling in a near vacuum tube will transport cargo and/or passengers. Non-contact levitation systems and near vacuum pressures will drastically reduce drag. In the full scale model, hyperloop pods will take passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in approximately 30 minutes.


    Hyperloop propulsion will be powered by batteries and other methods that do not produce exhaust making this an environmentally friendly option. The tube will follow current infrastructure and will be powered by solar panels.

    History of Hyperloop

    1812 - The concept was first envisioned by George Medhurst. His concept involved an evacuated tube with cast iron tracks and wheels which could be used for high speed travel.


    1956 - Robert A. Heinlein re-introduced the concept in his science fiction novel, "Double Star."


    1972 - R. M. Salter produces a white paper using similar concepts.


    2013 - Elon Musk, a avid reader of science fiction novels as well as the Co-Founder/CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, introduces his own white paper in August.

    The Competition

    Elon and SpaceX have announced a design competition following the release of Elon Musk's white paper to be completed by university and professional teams this year focused on the design of high speed pods to travel inside of a low pressure tube.


    This is the first time this old concept has been investigated at this scale. Several unaffiliated companies are working to develop manufacturing and production processes commercially. 125 university design teams submitted proposals to the competition to continue to design weekend at Texas A&M January 29-30.


    About 30 teams are finalizing their pods in preparation for the first Hyperloop Pod Competition January


    This website and subsequent information are related to the Hyperloop at Virginia Tech university team.

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